Oligea production chain is fully based in Tuscany, as we are: a land where love and respect for nature, agricultural activities, and sustainable development is a daily commitment.

Oligea constantly checks each production stage, from organic plant cultivation to the extraction and transformation of products.

We strongly believe these are the key aspects of our business:

  • Organic and eco-sustainable, to protect our land heritage and to enhance the quality of our products that are 100% pure and natural
  • Traceable, using top quality local plants, monitored from their origin
  • Socially committed in supporting our territory and its inhabitants
  • Generating awareness and emotional balance, with the objective of creating positive energy and benefits from the contact with nature and its fruits


Euka is the first Italian agricultural production chain based on Eucalyptus organic extracts.

Euka is our line created from Eucalyptus cinerea, parvifolia, globulus e eucalyptus spp, grown by Versil Green s.s. fields located in the area of Massarosa, province of Lucca, and San Giuliano Terme, province of Pisa, for a total extension of around 130.000 s.m.

Our Eucalyptus plans generate top quality organic certified raw materials, Pure Essential Oils on top, fully natural extracts thanks to an innovating extraction technique, granting a high level of energetic properties, and extraordinary features for cosmetics, nutrition and pharmaceutical use.

Besides raw materials derived from the four varieties of eucalyptus, we also produce hydrolat, hydroessential, decocted leaves and dried leaves.

Euclinda is our line dedicated to home and professional cleaning, with a range of products covering all cleaning issues and surfaces special needs (glass, wood, bathroom, kitchen, clothes).

Melogranoantico is our new line of organic perfumes, based on essential oils and organic hydrolats mainly extracted from Tuscan organic productions and used to create perfumes, home fragrances and natural cosmetics.

Melogranoantico perfumes are inspired by Tuscany, with its nature, its countryside and healthy lifestyle, with a range of fragrances meant to awaken our emotional spirit, improving our interior and physical wellness, as well as our living environment.

Flowers and plants have been blended after a careful selection and research, with a perfect balance granting relax, warmth and emotions related to nature's strength and inner peace.

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